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Peter is our western Canada representative, offering services related to private sales of fine Canadian artwork. Prior to establishing Ohler’s Fine Art in 2018, Peter’s career began in 1980 at Masters Gallery in Calgary. His role in the Canadian art world has certainly evolved since then, having handled many, many works of art and carving a distinctive role for himself within the industry. In 2022, Ohler’s Fine Art was acquired by Cowley Abbott with Peter joining the firm as the company’s Western Canada Representative, continuing his work in private sales while pursuing artwork for inclusion in Cowley Abbott’s live and online auctions. Peter continues to advise clients who wish to buy or sell art, providing expert evaluation and advisory services through this new venture with Cowley Abbott. Peter recently came to Toronto for a brief visit and we were able to pick his brain on a few things! 

Peter, you are a new member of the Cowley Abbott team and we are delighted to have you join the ranks! You reside in Calgary, your hometown, and act as our western Canada representative – a very exciting development for the firm as we begin to represent the country from coast to coast! Can you share a bit about your role at the auction house and what services you are providing for western Canada?

So far, I’ve done lots of shipping for you. You seem to be landing some great pieces for your upcoming auctions. It makes sense that your western clients would want to send their fine art east where the market seems to be stronger. This is not a surprising development but a big change for me as I have spent most of my career sourcing things in the east to sell to clients out west.

While I will continue my work as a private dealer, I will also assist Cowley Abbott any way I can. Primarily working to secure consignments for your exciting online or live sales. I happen to know where a lot of great art is hanging.

It is evident that you enjoy handling works by artists that involve research and mining for information. In that vein, do you have a favourite artist, period or movement? Perhaps there is an artwork or artist that has had a major influence on you?

I’m old school so the Group of Seven is still where it’s at for me. The first Canadian art book I read was Russell Harper’s Painting in Canada. The stories of the early group members canoeing and painting in northern Ontario were captivating. Of the group JEH MacDonald has always been my favorite. Man could he paint. If I only end up with one picture at the end of all this, I would like to own a great MacDonald Algoma oil sketch. I’ve had a couple recently but of course I sold them.

If you wish to discuss acquiring or selling an artwork privately contact Peter at [email protected] to discuss how we can provide this fast, confidential and stress-free service. We will also buy artworks if you would like a quick sale.