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bidding on your iphone
I remember speaking with a prominent Canadian dealer who told me about about a client of his who had missed out on their dream Lawren Harris painting, some years earlier. The client now wanted to get their hands on a Tom Thomson they had been eyeing for a long time. The Thomson was spotted in an auction catalogue for a sale that was scheduled to take place a few weeks later, in a different Canadian city than the where the client and dealer were located. The dealer was scheduled to be on a cruise ship with his wife at the same time as the auction. Not wanting to disappoint the client, the dealer insisted that he could act over the phone as an absentee bidder, and all but promised the Thomson artwork to his client. Despite the very-modern ship, connected completely by wi-fi, the telephone situation was poor. Of the few phones that were available to the guests, most had long lines behind them. The dealer and the client missed out on the Tom Thomson painting that went for a steal at the live auction!
Seeing a collector miss out on an artwork that they have chased for years is heartbreaking. 
At Consignor, we are proud to say that with our proprietary software, dealers and collectors alike can now bid from any phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. 
With text and email notifications that alert you when you’ve been outbid, you are able to watch the activity on your artwork, place bids and easily view the other lots in the sale. 
With our gallery located right across from the Art Gallery of Ontario, in downtown Toronto, we are happy to demonstrate how easy the registration and bidding process is on you computer and mobile device. 
So whether you’re on a cruise ship, on your couch, or in your office, you can safely bid on the art you want with confidence and convenience.