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Cowley Abbott is privileged to present an important private Canadian artwork collection this spring season. This offering comes on the heels of a major achievement for Cowley Abbott, having just sold a record-breaking private collection of more than 150 rare Canadian art masterpieces for over $36 million dollars and smashing 29 artist records.

The strength of the artists and artworks in this collection is a rarity, spanning over one hundred and twenty years of Canadian art. Major representation of Canadian art movements and periods are present, beginning with a rare watercolour by Paul Kane, a 1923 masterpiece by the Quebec artist Clarence Gagnon, captivating works by Beaver Hall artists Anne Savage and Ethel Seath and prime canvases by Group of Seven members, such as a 1924 Lawren Harris sketch and canvas for Brazeau Snowfield, Jasper Park. Quebec historical art is well-represented with major oils by Albert Henry Robinson, A.Y. Jackson, Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté, Ethel Seath, Marian Scott, Anne Savage, Maurice Cullen, Robert Pilot and Edwin Holgate.

These collectors had a passion for Canadian historical art, acquiring the paintings and sculptures through galleries and private channels. Many of these artworks are appearing at auction for the first time, having been included in various exhibitions, as well as reproduced in publications. These works are just a selection from a private collection amassed over decades.

Cowley Abbott has exceeded expectations with private, corporate and public collections at auction, having witnessed excellent results over the last decade. We look forward to sharing this masterwork collection this spring and invite you to visit Cowley Abbott during our live auction previews.

View the auction catalogue for this collection here: