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As Perry Tung shares, Jim Dine is an avid printmaker. He sees the medium as artistically equal to the rest of his body of work, which encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture and photography. The artist embraces the deeply personal as we see in “Jim’s Hand Painted One”, which reflects the artist’s childhood obsession with Disney’s Pinocchio. As he explains, “I found a doll of Pinocchio, franchised by Disney at the time of the film. A beautiful doll, with real clothes – I mean cloth clothes – and papier-mâché and hand-painted head, arms, and legs…It’s in pieces in my house. Because it’s just so beat. I’ve done all kinds of things with it. I’ve cast it, I’ve taken it with me. It’s just completely beat. But it was a beautiful thing”.

Lot 240, Jim Dine, “Jim’s Hand Painted One”, lithograph with hand colouring, 66.5 x 38 ins, Fall International Art Auction (Bidding closes November 22nd).