Highlights from our May Online Auctions of Historical and Post-War Canadian Art
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The auction market is certainly alive and well and Cowley Abbott is delighted to be entrusted with exceptional Historical, Post-War, and Contemporary artworks included in our current dedicated May online auctions. The auctions complement our Live Auction of Important Canadian Art and offer collectors the opportunity to build their collections with rare gems of important… Read more »

Introducing the Cowley Abbott Team: Catherine Lacroix, Client Services & Administration, Junior Art Specialist
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We are pleased to welcome Catherine Lacroix to the Cowley Abbott team! After completing her undergraduate studies at Concordia University, Catherine received her Master’s in Art History from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where she specialized in Renaissance art. She then interned at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, researching European works within… Read more »

Prints, Photography and Multiples with Perry Tung
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Looking through the Prints, Photography and Multiples auction, we see excellent works by the masters of the 20th Century, including Picasso, Motherwell, Dali, Albers and Chagall. But there are two exceptionally rare prints that are wonderful examples of the difference between an etching and an engraving. The first is entitled Rivers Drifters (Drivers) by Frank… Read more »

Introducing the Cowley Abbott Team: Anna Holmes, Senior Canadian Art Specialist
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Anna is a Senior Specialist of Canadian Art at Cowley Abbott, having more than ten years of experience in the Canadian art world. While continually remaining highly engaged with all aspects of art and culture, Anna is passionate about absorbing as much as she can through exhibitions, shows, talks, publications and more. The Toronto arts… Read more »

Cowley Abbott wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a look at prominent couples in art, who flourished together in both romance and creativity
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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Cowley Abbott profiles a selection of some of our favourite artist couples. These artists shared a personal chemistry which helped form the background of their lifelong artistic pursuits. Painter Rita Letendre met Kosso Eloul while travelling in Italy in 1962. The couple married two years later, moving between Los… Read more »